Existing Service

Moving to a location that already has power? We can help.


Membership in the Cooperative is not transferable.

The membership fee is credited to the Member’s final bill when service is discontinued.

Application for electric service must be in the legal name and signed with the legal signature of the person or entity requesting electric service. The Cooperative may require suitable identification.

Applicant must pay the Cooperative any amounts owed for previous service accounts and may not be delinquent in payment for service on an existing account.

Applicant will allow Cooperative personnel to have access to the applicant’s premises at all reasonable hours. If applicant limits access to premises with locks on the gates, the Cooperative is hereby granted authority to place a separate lock to provide access for Cooperative personnel.

Applicant will, when electricity becomes available, purchase from the Cooperative all electric energy used on the premises.

Applicant warrants that applicant’s installation, including all conductors, switches, equipment, wiring and protective devices of any kind, is constructed and will be operated and maintained in a safe manner and in accordance with any and all applicable laws, ordinances, the National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Safety Code.

Application for membership and electric service agreement

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