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Before calling to report a power outage, please help us determine if the service problem exists with your home’s electrical system or on our system. 
  1. The first thing you should do is check your fuses and/or circuit breakers.  Your assistance could help get your power back on more quickly.
  2. If your fuses and breakers are okay, check to see if your neighbors have service.
  3. Next, call Fayette Electric Cooperative at either of the following numbers: 979-968-3181 or 1-866-968-3181
When reporting an outage, please have the following information available (if possible). This will expedite power restoration:
  1. Your name and account number as it appears on the billing statement
  2. Meter number (located on your billing statement)
  3. The approximate time service was interrupted
  4. Whether your neighbors have electricity
  5. Any other pertinent information, such as downed power lines or loud noises that occurred before or after the service disruption


    1. Fayette Electric Cooperative employees try to handle outage calls person-to-person. If all FEC personnel are busy with other callers during a large, widespread outage, you will have the option to use the automated outage reporting system. The automated system works in two basic steps:
    2. Using a caller ID feature, our automated outage management system links the phone number from which the call was placed to a Member’s specific account information. The linking process allows for immediately bringing up a Member’s name, home address, account number, list of meters on the account, meter numbers and map location of the potential outage. 


    3. If a phone number is not recognized because the member is calling from another location or a cell phone, Members are directed to use their account number or meter number. This information is located on your Fayette EC bill.  (If your phone number was not recognized, please contact our billing department during regular business hours to update your account records.)
    If you or a family member rely on a form of life support that requires electricity, you should notify Fayette Electric Cooperative by filling out a Life Support Form. Notify FEC immediately when an outage occurs and inform us that you are a critical need member.


    Turn off electrical appliances that were on when the service was disrupted, leaving a lamp on so you’ll know when power is restored.
    To help preserve food items, leave the doors to your refrigerator and freezer closed. If doors remain closed, a refrigerator will keep food safely cold for about four hours, and a full freezer will for approximately 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full).
    We work hard to provide the most reliable service possible. Rest assured, if the power is out, we are on it!
    Stay safe during an outage.
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    Fayette Electric Cooperative maintains a record of members dependent upon electrical life support systems in order to restore electrical service to such members as soon as possible in the event of an outage. A Life Support Dependent Member is a person who has been prescribed by a physician, licensed by the State of Texas as a Medical Doctor or a Doctor of Osteopathy, an electrical device and/or equipment designed to sustain that person's life. Persons designated as Life Support Dependent Members should complete the Life Support Form and return it to Fayette EC.
    Members on life support dependent classification should have a back-up system in place or a plan to relocate in the event of an extended power outage.
    Members are encouraged to notify Fayette EC if and when life support dependent classification is no longer needed.
    Please contact the Operations Department at 979-968-3181 or 866-968-3181 if you have any questions.
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